Vienna Exhibition

My exhibition "VIENNA" is currently on view at the Vienna Grand Hotel. On the last floor 25 photographs of my book of the same name are shown. This exhibition can be visited until 18 February. I am looking forward to your visit!

TV interview of the book presentation


Vienna - the cosmopolitan city, the heart of Europe, centre of art since time immemorial: Manfred Baumann, official Leica photographer and artist, has captured its most beautiful places with his camera, but he has also tracked down strange things in the Danube metropolis. His gaze falls on the familiar as well as on the surprising, but he is always fascinated by the originality of the perspective, the meticulous attention to detail, the talent for making atmosphere tangible. The g'standing Viennese will be amazed by these pictures, the travelling flâneur will find out what he has missed for the time being and book the next Vienna trip immediately. And the friend of photo art will not be satisfied 2018, 192 pages, hardcover with dust jacket/large format German/English ISBN: 978-3-903059-75-7



I look forward to your news!

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