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Talent is more important than technique

Our 2-month journey took us through France, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, among other places, for which we had 7 days time, accompanied by lots of wind and rain. Nevertheless it was an unforgettable journey between Titanic & Harry Potter!

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 11.jpg
Killarney National Park - Ladies View

The art of a successful photography is that the viewer sees more than just the surface, because most people only look at photos for a short time, and rarely do you look deeper into a photograph, as you do with a painting, for example. How do I get the viewer to do this? More on that later!

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 03.jpg
Valentia Lighthouse at Cromwell Point

Via the Pembroke Docks in Wales we took the ferry to go to Ireland with our LMC motorhome. Instead of Dublin we went to Rosslare Harbour, which was ideal to visit our first destination Rock of Cashel.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 05.jpg
Rock of Cashel

This Irish landmark is a unique monument with a long history, which has been worshipped in ancient times as the seat of fairies and spirits.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 22.jpg
Rock of Cashel

Afterwards we stayed 3 days at the camping site Killarney, which was the ideal starting point to visit the national park of the same name, as well as the Ring of Kerry.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 10.jpg
Kerry Cliffs Portmagee

This is a must for all visitors to Ireland and landscape photographers. The unique coastal road, the Wild Atlantic Way, is the world's longest coastal road and runs for almost 2000 km along the entire west coast of Ireland.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 12.jpg
Ring of Kerry

The Cliffs of Moher were our next destination on our trip to Ireland, the scene and location of a Harry Potter scene, but also the most dangerous and for me almost unprotected highest cliffs in the world, where every year some people lose their lives.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 25.jpg
Cliffs of Moher

Weiter ging es dann nach Nordirland, wo zu einem meiner persönliches Highlights, die “Dark Hedges” zählten – eine einzigartige Buchenallee und deren Anordnung, weltbekannt und täglich von vielen Besuchern heimgesucht auf Grund der Serie “Game of Thrones” , welche diese als Location verwenden. Süß fand ich, dass es hier rund herum nichts gibt, außer Bauern und Wildnis, aber selbst der versteckteste Farmer die Serie kannte.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 01.jpg
dark hedges

At the end of our trip through Ireland we went to Belfast, and the day before our ferry was waiting for us, we visited the city and the world famous Titanic Museum, which was built on the very docks where the Titanic was launched.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 08.jpg
Titanic Museum

The museum is very worth seeing and impressively arranged, one should plan at least 3-4 hours here. The city itself has interesting corners due to its history, whereby the forest paintings fascinated me most.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 07.jpg

As I promised at the beginning, I will give you a tip on how to get the viewers of your pictures to look at the photographs rather than just look briefly. The talent of letting a picture speak is much more important than technology that is all around.

Ireland 2019 by Manfred Baumann 14.jpg

The recording must stand out from those that already exist from this place! It must not reveal everything, but enough to recognize and arouse curiosity. The picture must be able to tell the viewer a story without becoming boring. The location, the light, the angle of view and the skilful play with the development of the photograph make a successful landscape photograph.

see you soon with my next blog entry, then back in France and a report about Normandy and the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Your Manfred

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  1. The second photograph from above in this article is the hammer, the others too of course, but this one is more than brilliant! Thank you very much, love your blog

  2. Wooww, such great photos and I always like to be part of this virtual journey, because once you have worked with you, you can truly consider yourself lucky, because you simply learn fabulous things from both of you, not only in photography but also in the attitude to life. I wish you all a wonderful time 😘
    Kind regards

  3. Very exciting. Thank you very much for sharing your work. We have recently formed a Whatsapp Group, we would also like to invite you to discuss other topics in the field of photography and share your experiences.

  4. The image is more important than the technology.
    That's how I see it too.
    The longer the stay still depends strongly on the viewer.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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