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Any luck taking pictures?

Have you ever had any luck with photography? Experienced a special moment that hardly anyone else experiences, or set the camera wrong and the result was special, and you liked it. Or you thought that this was just a memory picture when you took it, but afterwards in the digital darkroom (that's what I call my PC) it turned out to be the best shot of the series?

Las Vegas 2018 by Manfred Baumann 02

Every photographer has experienced this, but probably nobody will admit it. I always call such photos "Vegas Shot"! On the one hand not wanted, on the other hand already wanted. Just experiment a lot more, try different settings, angles and movements, far away from the classic textbooks.

Las Vegas 2018 by Manfred Baumann 03

Las Vegas is a city that my wife and I just love. We've been there so many times. I have also married my muse and wife Nelly there twice ("Renewal of Vows") A city that is so photogenic, and shows so many happy faces and souls, but also has its dark sides.

"In the light. By the light. To the light," said photographer Hermann Krone at the beginning of photography history. And well, Vegas has lots of light, that can't be the reason.

In photography, painting, architecture, nature, but also in everyday life, it is well known that depending on the incidence of light, everything looks completely different. This also applies to the human mind. Think about it, and develop not only the photos but also yourself a little bit!

This one, for example, is one of my favorite " Vegas Shots":

Las Vegas 2018 by Manfred Baumann 01

Taken with my Leica M. But, of course, a good and experienced photographer knows how and where to stand. Have fun taking pictures & see you next time!

Your Manfred

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