Jane Goodall & great emotions at the photo shooting!

“Du kannst etwas verändern- jeden Tag und zu jeder Zeit!”: Jane Goodall

For more than 5 years my wife Nelly & I have been honorary ambassadors of Jane Goodall. I have often had the pleasure to take pictures with Jane, or to portray her. I am often asked in interviews if and how I prepare for shootings with stars. Of course I leave nothing to chance!

Jane Goodall by Manfred Baumann 2019 4.jpg
Jane Goodall (2019) with Nelly & Manfred Baumann

The ability of a successful and impressive portrait lies in a fraction of a second, in which you recognize, understand and capture something of the life of the person photographed. To find this moment or to get the person to reveal emotions or to press the shutter release at the right moment is art for me.

Jane Goodall by Manfred Baumann 2019 1
Jane Goodall (2019) by Manfred Baumann

The preparation with regard to picture language or picture idea begins with me weeks before the shooting. Which posing, which expression is interesting for me or suits the portrayed person. Often I also make sketches and show them to the celebrities shortly before the shooting.

Jane Goodall by Manfred Baumann 2019 5
Jane Goodall (2019) with Manfred Baumann

Only those who like people can take photos of you. To communicate or chat with your personality is one of the most important things before a shooting. Also essential for me are: Light, location, image ideas, warm up, outfits, make up & styling.

Jane Goodall by Manfred Baumann 2019 2
Jane Goodall (2019) by Manfred Baumann
Great portrait photography is primarily about depth of feeling, not depth of field.
Jane Goodall by Manfred Baumann 2019 66
Jane Goodall (2019) by Manfred Baumann
Da die Welt definitiv mehr Janes benötigt, beende ich diesen Blog auch mit einem Zitat von Jane: “Wir können jeden Tag aufs Neue entscheiden, welchen Einfluss wir auf diese Welt ausüben möchten.”
on that note... until next time!
Your Manfred

14 thoughts on "Jane Goodall & great emotions at the photo shoot!

  1. sooo proud of you!!! 🥰✨ ..love you to the 🌙✨ and 🔙 and all around the universe! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Great photos, which also convey emotions, and a good interview with a very interesting person. Jane Goodall speaks from my heart: We can all change something for the better, anytime, anywhere. And if many people do this on a small scale, everything will change on a large scale.

    1. Thank you very much, and she's definitely special. As Jane says: "Here we stand, the smartest animal species that ever lived. So how can we destroy the only planet we have?"

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