I give the moment duration!

We are currently living in a very crazy & extraordinary time, and without photography this moment and this story would be lost forever! There are historical moments when the future changes direction, tells a different story than expected, and we are experiencing one right now!

The world is upside down and our health is definitely our greatest asset! In the world of photography you don't have to invent stories, because they are told every day. So I grabbed my Leica M10 and started to record them. Photography means to bring the eye, my thoughts and the heart into my viewfinder. It is my way of living and dealing with this new situation.

As a street photographer, I don't really need a gym or exercise. You just need two feet, one eye and a finger to pull the trigger. Sometimes my wife and I cover up to 20 km in one day!

My photographs arise out of surprise. Being a photographer does not stop my life in any way, but surprises me every day anew, because life touches and passes by far too quickly.

No invention on earth can bring back time. After a few days of quarantine I went to show the temporal history of the Coronavirus from my point of view, and how the streets and their people have changed!

The most important or first rule in street photography that you should learn is that you need to be invisible and proactive in forming different components into a whole.

Today, everyone is a photographer or can take photographs, even with a mobile phone. But not everyone can observe. The art of a unique photograph lies in being able to observe.

Of course, I also hope that everything will soon return to normality, that I can devote myself to my international projects again, and that everyone has learned something from this current situation.

Because I am for life, for animals, for people and above all for our planet.

Stay healthy & all love,

Your Manfred

28 thoughts on "I give the moment duration!

  1. Great photos, suitable atmosphere and despite the difficult situation the photos also have a bit of light-heartedness. That the people master this time very well and relaxed. I thank you for this piece of "normality" 👍😎

  2. authentic pictures! yes, that's what reality looks like. if people wear face masks, you can still take pictures of them without any problems ? or? they are not necessarily recognizable.

    1. Thank you! The Art Copyright Act takes precedence over the Basic Data Protection Regulation in the journalistic-artistic field and therefore continues to apply.

      1. Hello Manfred! Nevertheless there is still the right at the own picture, right? As a street photographer, am I legally protected by the journalistic claim alone or do you just risk it? By the way, I also think the photos are great! 🙂

  3. Hello Manfred, nice photos and I wonder how you handle the picture rights practically? Approach the people after taking the pictures and get them to sign a consent form?

    1. You need not be afraid here - the Art Copyright Act takes precedence over the Basic Data Protection Regulation in the journalistic and artistic field and therefore continues to apply.

  4. Dear Manfred, I just came across your blog and was totally thrilled. So great tips, stories and food for thought. Many thanks for that - and all the best for the future

  5. i find your contribution and the pictures again very nice, only picture with the hand holding pair with rubber gloves makes me decently sad :/ i hope that this new normality will not be preserved...

    1. Thank you, pictures have the task to tell stories, like movies or documentaries! This should be especially successful with this picture, because it keeps you busy! Soon it will go uphill again, you will see!

    1. Thank you for commenting and stopping by. All the best, stay healthy and positive!

  6. I just found out that you were recently in the Leica Gallery in Salzburg. What a pity, I would have liked to say hello. But supposedly there will be another opportunity next fall 😊 ...lg

    1. Ein toller Bericht im ORF, bei dem mir aufgefallen ist, dass Du mit dem linken Auge durch den Sucher schaust.
      Es gibt bisher keine mir bekannte Kamera für “Linksäuger”, weshalb man sich dauernd die Nase am Display reibt. Auch der mittig platzierte Aufstecksucher meiner RX100 ist da nur ein Kompromiss.

      1. Thanks for the tip, well I'm an alternate player, use both eyes, and just turn the camera around, so I never have the display problem. In addition, I sometimes do this only for the media! 😉😂

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