Photo shooting with Jean-Claude Van Damme

It was a great pleasure and honour for me when I received an invitation from Jean-Claude Van Damme to photograph him in his house near Los Angeles. Fighting and weight training also has a lot to do with successful photography - the discipline, endurance, accuracy, ambition, vocation and goal!

Jean-Claude Van Damme 2020 by Manfred Baumann cut 05
Jean-Claude Van Damme by Manfred Baumann

In addition, professional photography is so much more than just pressing the shutter button, because learning to see properly also develops our own consciousness!

The shooting with Jean-Claude was scheduled for later in the evening. We met with our assistant very close by before we drove to his estate. His son opened the gate for us and asked where we would most like to photograph him!

Well, my mobile studio requires quite a bit of space, so from experience, his garage seemed to me to be the best place for it. A dark & a light background, some softboxes and light from Hensel were set up by my assistant shortly. Meanwhile Jean-Claude showed up for the first time and we got to know each other, chatted about mutual friends, about my home country Austria and I noticed that he liked us quickly and so nothing stood in the way of a relaxed shooting!

Jean-Claude Van Damme 2020 by Manfred Baumann 04
Nelly Baumann doing make-up with Jean-Claude

A warm up or personal conversation before the shooting is of great importance to me. Because photography is what we see, our perception of people, objects, landscapes etc. reduced to a moment of a second! A moment where time seems to stand still. Space and time is stopped here! Invisible and not perceived things become visible.

Photography also means participating in the changeability and vulnerability of the people you photograph. As a photographer, one quickly recognizes the flow of time.

Moments like those with Jean-Claude are very special, especially when you meet stars and role models from his youth in person, photograph them and get a glimpse into their souls. Too often we believe that what we see. But unfortunately we see far less well than we think we do!

Jean-Claude is a kindhearted person and we quickly became friends with him, his wonderful wife and all his dear dogs, which they rescued from the shelter. We are looking forward to seeing him again when we are back in L.A.!

Noch wenige Wochen, bis wir unsere NAT GEO-Tour durch Europa starten mit unserem diesjährigen Wohnmobil-Partner “Bürstner“!

Wir freuen uns schon sehr darauf, und hoffen, dass Ihr dabei seid, um mehr über meine Tipps und Tricks in der Reisefotografie zu erfahren!

See you soon,

Your Manfred

20 thoughts on "Photo shoot with Jean-Claude Van Damme"

  1. Whoa, nice pictures. It's always been something special to work with a star. I'm sure my heart would go into my pants every time. For the time being, I will limit myself to the films 😊👍

    1. Thanks for stopping by, after several stars that I had in front of the lens, you just realize that they are people just like me and you! 🤔🤟🏻👍🏻

      1. Very nice pictures... I am a huge fan of Jean Claude van Damme... You did a great job 👍👍😊😊

  2. You have a very great view of things. You have been my role model for a long time! THANKS for the inspirations. Clay from Dallas

  3. It is always a pleasure to be taken behind the scenes of your work. There you are a little bit in your thoughts.
    I wish you a nice week dear Manfred. Love to Nelly.
    Brigitte 🌞👒

  4. Mr. Baumann, you have fully worked out his inner being in the picture, respectively one notices your inner attitude, your inner fire/your will to the photographer.
    A healthy year 2021, all the love and good momentum for new projects with your wife (and the team)-.
    Here's to at least 2022/23 being a return to a fresh new normal.☯️

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