Photo shooting with David Hasselhoff

The art of creating interesting photographs lies in being able to observe well. In my opinion, you cannot claim to have seen something before you have photographed it. And if you can see, you can photograph... but sometimes it takes a little longer to learn to see properly.
David Hasselhoff photographed by Manfred Baumann

For over 30 years I have been photographing national and international stars. It is something special to be allowed to photograph people in public and to show them in a different light than many people think. And if you have stars in front of your lens, which you grew up with as a child, this is of course even more interesting.
David Hasselhoff and Manfred Baumann

Who doesn't know the series "Knight Rider" or "Baywatch", and therefore also David Hasselhoff. For a long time we are friends with his daughter Hayley Hasselhoff, whom we got to know years ago at a photo shooting.
David Hasselhoff & Hayley Hasselhoff photographed by Manfred Baumann

Now we had a photo shooting with Hayley and her father David, as location we chose the unique location & the estate of James Goldstein, where already movies like "Three Angels for Charlie" were shot or even Helmut Newton took pictures. As light sources on the set I use the available daylight as well as flashes and their different light shapers from Hensel light!
Photo shooting with David & Hayley Hasselhoff

Photos are documents of the moment, of life, of history. A moment in which one is allowed to look through the window into the soul of the photographed gaze(s). As a photographer, you are also a director and director on the set, you give instructions, implement your own ideas, and then encourage the viewer of the photographs to think.
David Hasselhoff & Hayley Hasselhoff photographed by Manfred Baumann

In portrait photography I love to move in front of and around the person. I never stop at the same location. Therefore I always have a little bit bigger backgrounds with me. Even in such great locations as here in the Goldstein Haus I always have neutral backgrounds with me.
David Hasselhoff portrayed by Manfred Baumann

It was a great honor and pleasure to work with David & Hayley. Nelly and I are looking forward to further productions with them. He himself even thanked us personally via e-mail for the photographs!
David, Manfred, Haley & Nelly

In the draft and the ideas before a photo production the talent shows itself, or in the execution and conversion then the art! In the last 30 years of my artistic and photographic activity I have always pursued the idea of getting my fantasy, content and story into the photographs!

see you soon, your Manfred

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  1. Very good work... also thanks for the interesting insight into your motivation and working methods...

  2. Great posts/good photos! Nevertheless the question remains: how do you get such assignments (at the beginning)? I guess not to google various stars who are currently in Austria well photographed and then take the rising stars of the scene?

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