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Photo shooting with Country Star

Photography is the art of showing more than you see & telling, documenting and capturing stories. Who knows me for a long time, knows that I am a great lover of country music, both of the older songs and the newer ones.

Clare Bowen 2020 by Manfred Baumann 13

Wer gerne gute Serien schaut bzw. fantastische Musik mag, sollte sich unbedingt “NASHVILLE” anschauen. So lernten wir Clare Bowen kennen, eine der Hauptdarstellerinnen dieser Serie und eine tolle Musikerin.

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We had our first photo shooting in Australia and since then we are friends. This time we went to Joshua Tree National Park at the other end of the world. The light in the morning or evening hour was completely sufficient.

Clare Bowen 2020 by Manfred Baumann 24Only with my cameras Leica SL 2 and Leica M Monochrome and without any brighteners or speed cameras we went to Joshua Tree National Park. The famous desert park with geological wonders and typical Joshua palm lilies is very popular with campers, hikers, filmers and photographers.

Clare Bowen 2020 by Manfred Baumann 08

Clare is, to describe her nature, very fairylike & sensitive and devoted to music. These are my clues for a great shoot! To be ready is a lot, to wait is even more, but to recognize and use the right moment is everything.

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A good photo is a shot that you look at for more than a second to see and read from it. Living photography creates something new, it never destroys. It proclaims human dignity and merges with the location, in our case with the unique Joshua Trees and especially photogenic rock formations.

Clare Bowen 2020 by Manfred Baumann 05

Working with Clare is so much different than working with models, she shows herself as natural as she is! Vibrant photography is already positive in her early days, she sings the praises of life.
Clare Bowen 2020 by Manfred Baumann 01

In any case, people often care too much about the photographic technique and too little about seeing and the right moment. Photography is the art of taking good pictures despite all the technology. My wife and I are already looking forward to our next meeting with Clare.

See you soon,

Your Manfred


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  1. You also teach it in your workshops. You have to get to know your counterpart and try to understand it, then they will be good photos. Yours are always especially good, great.

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