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Photo Paradise Lofoten

Although we only planned to make a small detour to Lofoten on our trip to the North Cape and around the Gulf of Bothnia, we stayed here in paradise for a few days. I felt like I was in the film Jurassic Park and in Hawaii at the same time!

Lofoten is a group of islands scattered in the wild waters of the European North Sea, above the Arctic Circle. They offer majestic mountains, deep fjords, orca whales, seals and vast, beautiful white beaches. For all photography enthusiasts, new motifs present themselves after every bend in the road, or during hikes through this dreamlike landscape, and one often even gets a little confused with looking and photographing, hoping not to miss anything.

Even though I have become calmer over the years and 10-15 good photos a year are enough for me, I was taught better here! The beauty of photography is that suddenly something appears, just like that, right in front of you, and you simply have to capture it.

The photograph is the concentration of the constant gaze and the eye that keeps a lookout.

Many of my landscape photographs are also in black and white, so my pictures should touch the viewer deeply. One should feel how it might feel to stand in the places and in my position of the photographs.

Ansel Adams once said "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer".

We will certainly visit Lofoten again in winter, when you can also see the northern lights!

see you soon, your Manfred

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18 thoughts on "Photographic Paradise Lofoten".

  1. Thank you for letting us be part of this great journey & have a great few days & enjoy - ❤️

  2. Yes, Manfred, b/w draws more into the picture!
    Your starter image is one such: I keep changing my gaze from the overall image to the details! Very strong photo!
    Give us more impressions of this kind!
    Have a nice trip and thank you for letting us be there!

    1. Dear Heinrich thank you very much! New photos on my Instagram page @manfredbaumann - happy summer

  3. Beautiful impressions. Thank you for taking us on your journey with your impressive pictures.

  4. I am happy for you that you bring and show so many beautiful impressions from this wonderful journey. I am looking forward to the continuation with pictures of Lapland and the Baltic countries.
    Have a good trip

I look forward to your news!

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