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Face to Face - my new illustrated book

In late summer, my new illustrated book will be published byHatje Cantz Verlag, which has also published Bettina Rheims and Peter Lindbergh, and of course I am particularly proud of this! The book will be presented worldwide and will be available in all Leica Stores & Galleries. Together with the editor-in-chief and a wonderful team we are still working on the last but very important details like the choice of paper for offset printing and cover, as well as the fine details, finishing, etc. The book will definitely be my best picture book ever. It will definitely be my best coffee table book, and I am really looking forward to it.

You will see over 30 years of my photographs with a main focus on international stars & models, with many well-known but also unpublished subjects! The foreword is written by my muse and soulmate Nelly Baumann.

Stars like Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Olivia Newton John or Martin Sheen will be in it, and also supermodel Toni Garrn, or my popular series "Cars" with Drew Barrymore or Cameron Diaz! Works of mine, which are also presented worldwide in different galleries and museums.

Via my website you can already pre-order a copy signed by me in the online shop!

The publisher's description of my coffee table book:

Storyteller with the camera

When people talk about star photography, they inevitably think of the person in front of the camera. But the person behind the camera is actually even more important. Because it sets the stage, sets the light and chooses the optics. Through the work of the photographer, those photographed become icons or the photos become testimonies to a personality. Hardly anyone currently succeeds in this art as imaginatively as Leica photographer Manfred Baumann. Instead of leading the stars through a setting that is always the same, he approaches them. Long before the shutter is released, he develops the images as sophisticated concepts that will congenially express the individuality of the subject. His pictures tell stories. They can be read in the eyes, facial features and postures, in which one will only too gladly lose oneself with this illustrated book.

MANFRED BAUMANN (*1968) was born in Vienna, but with his Leica he is at home all over the world. He is internationally known not only for his portraits of celebrities, but also for his nude art, street and landscape photographs. With his special commitment to animal welfare, he also works as an honorary ambassador for Jane Goodall.

Key data of the illustrated book:

Manfred Baumann
Face to Face

Editor-in-Chief Nadine Barth
2021. 216 pages, 180 ill.
25.00 x 31.00 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-5085-1

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