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Recognize the wonderful in the everyday!

Our photographs tell us stories, and show us in a quiet hour or days like these how valuable they are for us. Because of the Corona Virus I am also alone at home with my wife & muse Nelly, and I have made it my business to re-view and structure all my photographs.

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There is so much energy and life in photos. The past, stories to laugh and cry, smile and hope. Photography is more than just pressing a shutter release, because you give the moment duration! My photographs are records of life for anyone who really looks.

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The true art of living is to see the wonderful in everyday life! To see true life, namely unretouched and uncensored!

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In this blog post I show you some of my photos. Since we all have a little more time and should lean back, Street Photography is the right place for it. Why? Because there is much more to it than just a photo that you click on quickly, you dive into a good street photo. You see the smallest details, try to put yourself in the place and the people.

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Photography is not about perfection, it's about telling stories. This is why I love street photography so much. It's so much more than the short snapshot in the cities that mean the world. It's the search for that one & special moment in everyday life that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Das erste Gebot der “Straßenfotografie” ist es, unverfälschte und ungestellte Momente einzufangen. Taucht darin ein, enteckt die Geschichte, Zeit, Ort und vieles mehr in einem Foto!

"A good photo is a photo you look at for more than a second." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Street Photography is also about patience and time, you just don't run through the streets quickly to find pictures quickly. No, you enjoy the city and are looking for moments! I am looking forward to taking my Leica again and going out into the world to tell stories.

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By the way, in my new ONLINE Shop you can also buy some of the photographs shown here as original prints, signed. Because street photographs are like a good wine, the older they get, the better they are. Something is added to the picture, the time and the age. Because only then do you realize how valuable life actually is.

Venice January 2018 by Manfred Baumann-013

The wisdom of a person is not measured by his experiences, but by his ability to experience.

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Stay healthy and stay home!

See you soon,

Your Manfred

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36 Thoughts on "Recognize the miraculous in the mundane!

    1. You need not be afraid here - the Art Copyright Act takes precedence over the Basic Data Protection Regulation in the journalistic and artistic field and therefore continues to apply.

      1. ... i hardly looked through the blog. but after the first photo i already decided: i want more of that. your photos touch and tickle somewhere deeply hidden in my soul, leaving a giggle and a memory. thank you.

    1. I'm so glad! So they not only tell stories, but bring joy to your home. We can do this, like so many things before! Dear Manfred

  1. Dear Manfred
    A very old friend of yours is still looking forward to receive mails from you and wishes you and your dear wife all the best and protects you well from the virus.
    I am very well with Alena my dear wife because she is looking at me very much right now because I would become a risk patient.
    Keep up the good work!

    KR Herbert Richter

    1. Glad to hear from you. All love and PLEASE take care of yourselves! See you soon Manfred

  2. Dear Manfred, thank you very much for this wonderful idea. your photos are great ! Best wishes to both of you and stay healthy. Rena V.

  3. Hello ... what you are writing about street photography is exactly what I like about it ... it is not so much about perfection and being photographed to the point, but about telling a story, capturing emotions, ... that's generally the beauty of photography for me ... to capture in a split second something that is able to be more than just this stored information ... to be more than black and white ... to be more than a face, a house or a mountain or whatever ... thank you very much for your beautifully told stories ... I always like to visit your blog ..... greeting ... Robert

  4. The nice thing about photography is that one brightly awake short moment where you discover something: now it is important to keep calm. So that it also works.

  5. Lover Manfred

    Thank you for this black and white colorful bouquet
    The endless wonder of life

    And smiling because, among other things.
    One person amazes me daily

    Knowing about the inhuman and antihuman
    That brutes steal the paint

    Das Bunt verbieten wegen virtueller Gefahr
    Wie in Michael Endes “Momo” die grauen Zeiträuber

    But that's another story
    I myself am a trained photographer

    Have the letters the word the writing
    Exchanged for the camera image

    What I am allowed to experience interpret and wise
    Focus the viewer on the focusing

    Diffusing lens of the heart towards
    You made me happy, I love you

    Blessing courage and joy
    Kaspar Hauser from the heart

  6. Moments captured from everyday life simply still tell the best story. I especially like the dancing couple but also the street artist with the lady and especially the little girl looking out of the window. Of course they are all appealing. Very beautiful

    1. Dear Tanja, thank you very much for dropping by and commenting! I completely agree with you. I wish you all the best - stay safe and healthy

  7. Wow, the first picture with the dancing couple and the last picture with the man standing in that open space looking at the three pictures somehow touch me especially. Thank you for such appealing photographs.

I look forward to your news!

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