You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

Als ich bei einem Fotoshooting mit einem Surfer plauderte, teilte er mir mit, dass das Zauberwort beim Surfen die “Balance” ist, und je größer die Welle ist, Du Körper, Geist und Seele in Einklang bringen musst. Aber ist das nicht auch für das gesamte Leben wichtig? Das Leben ist wie eine Welle, du kannst sie nicht aufhalten und musst lernen zu surfen bzw. diese zu respektieren.

It's a strange time we're all going through. It makes us think, which is definitely not bad. We have to rethink or change ourselves and our habits and respect nature more. Because everything that is against nature is not sustainable in the long run.

We live in a dangerous age. Man dominates nature before he has learned to control himself.

Albert Schweitzer

For a long time now I have been photographing the life around surfing at the most beautiful places on earth. There is so much positive energy, love, freedom and power in the surfers, which simply fascinates me.

That's why I would like to record all this and perhaps show it in an exhibition or an illustrated book. The motto of the surfers is to simply recognize the wonderful things in life, and that life has not forgotten you, but only you hold it in your hand.

I go up to the surfers, take the time to talk to them, and decelerate my thinking and life by doing so. I ask them if I can take pictures of them, and dive into their lives to get as much out of them as possible!

Technically I work with my cameras, Leica SL1, Leica SL2, my Leica M monochrome and Leica M10. When doing a portrait, it is important to me to chat a little beforehand so that the person being portrayed opens up more. With some pictures I like a bokeh effect in the background, and with others I like to show more information, so I take pictures with a smaller aperture.

The photos so far have been taken in different countries like Australia, USA, Ireland,... my next goal is to photograph professionals and the giant waves which are available in Portugal, Australia or Hawaii. But at the moment I have to stay at home and hope that people have learned something from the current situation.

I would like to show liveliness in my photographs, although I photograph in black and white. But this is because with colour I would bring the surroundings, clothes or the surfboard much more into the foreground, and therefore emotions and expression of the person or the moment is lost a little bit.

Thank you for reading and coming by, and also for your always so nice comments.
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27 thoughts to "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

  1. Great Fotostrecke🙂 Black and white gives the whole thing a special touch, which for example emphasizes the character of the faces even more. I also liked the text very much. LGLore

  2. I didn't know you/your talent before, but... I am really impressed! You have really succeeded in capturing the life/ the mood in the photos! If I should ever go on a trip again and want to blog about it, I would like to see someone like you at the "photographic" site 😉 Best regards Patricia

  3. thanks for the "like" on
    We are very pleased - especially from such a prominent and wonderfully creative side! Best wishes from the New Zealand quarantine.

    1. I'd love to. Real New Zealand quarantine? That doesn't sound so bad! You've chosen it well! 😉 If everything works out, we'll be back in Australia by the end of the year! All our love

    1. leider noch nicht! Der nächste Bildband erscheint in 14 Tagen “LIPIZZANER” vielleicht was für Dich!!

  4. how to equate the balance on the surfboard with the balance in life .... I liked it very much .... there is a little booklet that deals exactly with this topic .... THE BOARDBOARD BOARDER ... by Frederick Lenz .... it is described very well .... and isn't it exactly what it's all about .... finding the balance - the inner center - on which you can surf through life ... no matter which vehicle I use for it ... by the way: of course also good photos ... !

    1. THANK YOU for stopping by and commenting. I'll have a closer look at the book tip 👍🏻😉 I completely agree with you! Wish you a great week

  5. I am happy about your Like for my contribution "The crossing to Brazil". Thanks!
    I also looked into your blog and couldn't get out of reading it. I especially liked your post about the surfers.

    I would like to quote (and of course link to) the following paragraph from you in my blog with your permission.

    The surfers' motto is to simply recognize the wonderful things in life, and that life has not forgotten you, but only you hold it in your hand.

    Maybe I'll see you on a beach sometime. Who knows?

    All love

    1. Thank you! You can quote me. All the best until soon on the beach (hopefully soon possible again) stay positive and safe

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