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The best photo tips from Manfred!

As promised in the last blog post, I will give you some tips & tricks today on how to make your recordings more interesting. If you have already been to one of my workshops, you know that I am not a big fan of rules and regulations in photography, or that I always mention in my lectures that there are no rules in photography and everything is allowed!

Picasso sat for hours with a bottle of red wine in front of a white canvas, then made a red brushstroke on it, and this painting is admired in many exhibitions today!

As an artist and photographer, one must never stop being a child and never forget the essence of a photograph, i.e. the actual image.

But still there are of course things that make it easier to learn how to see and of course the technique to find the desired way. Because Picasso also knew which canvas, which paint or which brush he used.

People often ask me in interviews why I prefer black and white, and the answer is quite simple, because I want to capture the soul, spirit and energy of a person or even a place, and this is best done without colors. With colour photography you can document more.

Here are my 6 tips for you:

First tip:

Amateur photographers often approach the main subject in their scene by placing it in the center of the image. Generally accepted rules of composition are a good starting point for designing your photographs. As I mentioned in the beginning I don't think much of rules, but with the following as a starting point you can experiment more and just go for it to create your own shapes, design and a slightly different visual language! The "rule of thirds" suggests that you divide the frame equally with two horizontal and two vertical lines to form a grid of nine rectangles. By placing the horizon along either the top or bottom horizontal line, you can create a picture with a more pleasant balance between the land and sky of a landscape than if you placed it in the middle.

Two tips:

Many people assume that what looks good to the human eye must also impress in a picture. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes the opposite is true, so that one is disappointed by the photo. The size of a flat horizon stretching for miles in all directions can be personally amazing, but without elements in the landscape that give it a sense of depth, this kind of scene can look extremely flat and boring in a photograph.

For this reason, it is often helpful to look for "foreground motifs" in a landscape that can form the center of your photo and give the viewer a sense of scalability. This can be a lonely tree, an old building or a jetty, a winding river or a road, anything that serves as an anchor in further scenes.

Third tip:

If possible, try to take pictures on days when the sky has some clouds to get more detail and depth. Morning & evening sun always gives a special great light here. It is possible that the first visit to a special place does not always show the best light for a picture. Many professional landscape photographers therefore plan several trips to a location before they are rewarded with the perfectly lit image they had in mind.

Four. Tip:

Wide-angle lenses are preferred for landscape photography because they offer a wider view and can therefore give a sense of wide open space.

They also offer greater depth of field and allow faster shutter speeds because they allow more light. When you take a picture at 1:16, both the foreground and background are in focus.

Fifth tip:

In my early days, I always tried to avoid people in my landscape photographs, but often the subject is not only about nature, but also about capturing the time and the moments - so why not include people? A photograph can tell so much more, it is a worldwide language that everybody understands!

Sixth tip:

The digital darkroom is a big part of my work, in analogue photography you had the possibility to choose different films with different looks and in the darkroom you worked with different development settings, paper and various tricks. Nowadays you do this either by adjusting the camera so that you set several options and then change them while you are shooting, or in the digital darkroom - Photoshop or similar programs like Plug ins. I love using the wide range of Nik Collection 3 at DXO!

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In any case, I would be very happy to meet you personally at one of my workshops. Here you can find all information about registration:

Next time I will tell or show you news from our trip through France again!

See you soon,

Your Manfred

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12 thoughts on "The best photo tips from Manfred!

    1. Dear Manfred! As you say one must not make too many rules to take a photo. With your pictures I can feel how much you want to capture the moment, the environment or even a certain scene in the motive and create. I see in your pictures, be it a landscape or people, the power and energy you capture with them.

      I would also be happy to participate in one of your great workshops next year. Possibly also about a project with children who see exactly what it is all about. Just like the children often capture the most beautiful moments in a painted picture, this project that I would love to do with you if you have time to spend 2 days with kids in Vienna. Must absolutely talk about it personally.

      Best wishes to you... Take care. Ina 🌸❤️💞und enjoy your wonderful time together at the beautiful places where you are.

  1. Hello Manfred, first of all I would like to thank you for your likes in my photo blog, of course I looked at you, and thought, wow, such a great photographer also likes photos of me.

    The photo with the stars, so beautiful, this is something I have not yet dared to do, astrophotography, but I will yet. Your tips are great, one wishes for a partner who also takes pictures, so that one can exchange ideas. Many greetings from Munich Lydia sends you

    1. Thanks a lot Lydia, maybe we will meet at one of my workshops... september Salzburg? 😜💐

  2. Again such a great Beitrag🍀 it's always a true friend to watch you and your spirit says a lot about your well-balanced Ballance I'm everyday life.💐🍀 I wish you a nice summertime 🌼 LG Brigitte

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