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The job of a camera is not to influence the photographer!

Seit 4 Wochen sind wir nun mit unserem Wohnmobil von Bürstner unterwegs, und die Zeit verging wie im Flug. Auch wenn uns noch weitere Wochen auf dieser beeindruckenden Reise bleiben, gilt es jeden Tag zu einem Besonderen zu machen. Anthony Robbins  sagte einst: “Wenn dein Leben lebenswert ist, ist es eine Aufzeichnung wert.” ..daher ist meine Kamera auch ein ständiger Begleiter.

Often, photographs only become better or more interesting over the years, because at the moment you take the photo, it may seem mundane and not special. But it is the small details that are important and give the moment duration. I'm sure you all know the photos from grandma's shoebox, which give us so much joy and tell stories. But back then, when the photo was taken, many things that seem special to us today were also everyday things. So my tip no. 1 on the journey, capture what is currently taken for granted!

Four weeks ago we started in Kehl, Germany, and via a small corner of France we drove on to East Frisia and along the German coast, which we were immediately enthusiastic about. It offers more than expected and the coast, lighthouses etc. immediately captivated me photographically.

We crossed the border into Denmark and drove along the west coast to the end of Råbjerg Mile in the far north. The sand dunes, grasses and empty beaches encouraged us to spend sunny days on the Danish coast. With the Simplon e-bikes, we were able to explore the surroundings in detail, and of course my cameras were with me, with which I captured many beautiful motifs.

We then continued on to Sweden by ferry. We love ferry rides with their own atmosphere, the people on board, the smell between the power of the ship and the fresh sea breeze!

In meinen Fotos soll es nicht um technische Perfektion gehen, denn wer diese Philosophie verfolgt, wird Menschen mit seinen Bildern nicht berühren können. Fotos brauchen wie auch wir “Fehler”, eine Seele und einen eigenen Charakter, was sie ungewöhnlich und so lebendig macht. Die Aufgabe einer Kamera ist es, nicht den Fotografen zu beeinflussen; daher lernt sie zu bedienen, aber dann muss sie Euch “gehorchen”! 😉

In Sweden, we travelled along Lake Vänern, the third largest lake in Europe, and its east coast, as far as the north! Across Sweden, we then reached the coast or the Gulf of Bothnia. The people here are just wonderfully relaxed, and the further up we got, the lonelier and emptier the beaches, bays and small lakes became. There are no end of photo motifs here! Nevertheless, I always try to capture the people around me and their stories.

In Ällerviken we then joyfully met our dear friends Erika & PJ, where we were allowed to park our motorhome in their garden for 2 days! We worked together in a hotel in Turkey more than 20 years ago, and although we haven't seen each other much during that time, we still feel a very close connection! Our best friends are spread all over the world! We will never forget these two wonderful days, and are already looking forward to seeing each other again!

Now it's on to Lapland, but that's another story!

All the best, your Manfred

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