“Criminal Minds”-Star JOE MANTEGNA und Tochter GIA

Bereits vor einigen Jahren hatte ich ein Fotoshooting mit Schauspielern Gia Mantegna. Sie ist mir in der Serie “The Middle” das erste Mal aufgefallen, und seit unserem ersten Shooting sind wir mit Gia befreundet! Um so mehr freuten wir uns, sie letztens gemeinsam mit Ihrem Vater und “Criminal Minds”-Star Joe Mantegna fotografieren zu dürfen!

It is not the coincidence which makes good picture design, but continuity and experience. It means working and searching, photographing and constantly improving, finding and seeing, learning to see and communicate.

Great photography is not about depth of field, but about depth of feeling! Joe has a great charisma and is not for nothing one of the greatest actors in Hollywood!

We took the pictures in a villa in Beverly Hills, near Jodie Foster's house. Before they arrived, I set up and tested the setting and lighting! This way I have more time to chat with the stars on set and concentrate on getting to know them better, so that I can find the right approaches and get those emotions you need for your photography during the following shooting!

The power of a portrait often lies in the fraction of a second in which one understands something of the life of the person photographed. It is also the art of recognizing the photographer in a picture, even if he or she is not visible in it.

Nelly started with Joe's make-up, so I could use the time for individual portraits with Joe afterwards, while Gia was in the make-up! On the set I always have 2-4 neutral backgrounds with me, which are also used at great and unique locations!

The two of them have a very special charisma, and it was truly a great pleasure to put them perfectly in scene! The pictures of Joe and Gia I took together at different locations. Time goes by far too fast and every single moment disappears forever - but there are endless photographic possibilities in every single moment to capture them for eternity!

Das nächste Mal berichte ich Euch von meinem Fotoshooting mit dem “Stargirl”!

Until then, I wish you all the love in the world,

Your Manfred

15 Gedanken zu ““Criminal Minds”-Star JOE MANTEGNA und Tochter GIA

  1. Hello Manfred, fascinating pictures. While looking at them I had the feeling that I have similar tools as a psychosomatic thinking and working doctor. Both of us are not looking for the superficial, the symptom, but for the essential, which remains hidden to you, if you are not looking for it and especially if you do not know what you are looking for where.

    I wish you a peaceful Advent,


  2. Dear Manfred, what a beautiful first little window in my Advent calendar!
    Especially the portrait in the mirror of the two appeals to me very much. The intimacy of father and daughter, but also the personality of each of them, speaks from your great portraits.
    Wish you and Nelly a relaxed and bright Advent!
    Sabine ( Apparently day of the Sabine women today 😉 )

    1. Thank you Sabine, and a peaceful Christmas time to you too! And let's hope that 2021 will be a better year!

I look forward to your news!

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