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Bonjour France & the essence of a photo is to let people see!

Vor 14 Tagen sind wir mit dem Wohnmobil unseres Partners BÜRSTNER in Strasbourg gestartet! Geplant war ursprünglich, den hohen Norden Schwedens und Finnlands fotografisch zu erkunden, auf Grund der aktuellen Covid19-Situation haben wir uns jedoch entschlossen, unser Projekt “Frankreich” in Kooperation mit National Geographic abzuschließen. Wir haben dieses wunderschöne Land bereits 4 mal mit dem Wohnmobil bereist, und fügen nun noch die fehlenden Puzzle-Teile zusammen.

My photographs should last and tell stories, so it is important for me that my eye first learns to listen before it watches! You should recognize me by my pictures - even if I am not to be seen on them.

Tree at the church in Eguisheim

Our route will not take us to any cities in the next few weeks, but will take us through countless national parks up to the west coast of France, and then on to Holland and Belgium.

our goals in the first 14 days

The first 14 days we explored the nature parks Haut-Jura, Chartreuse, Verdon, Luberon, Volcans d'Auvergne, Livradois-Forez, Causses du Quercy and Landes de Gascogne. At the moment we are on a very quiet and pleasant campsite directly on the Atlantic Ocean near Royan, where we will stay for 2-3 days!

Surfers on the beach of Vensac

Photo journeys with a motorhome are simply ingenious, because it offers endless freedom and possibilities to stay at the most beautiful locations with your home (similar to a snail that always has its house with it 🙂) or to arrange the route very flexibly, and for me as a photographer, of course, to wait in a cosy atmosphere for the best light or the most photogenic moment at the location.

Grande Dune du Pilat

Especially in photography or painting, depending on the incidence of light, everything suddenly seems different. This also applies to the human mind!

Lavender fields near Puimoisson

The essence of a photograph or a painting is to let something be seen that many would not have seen, or to touch someone with it, to evoke memories or tell completely new stories.

Aerial view of our Bürstner motorhome

The moment the camera becomes a part of you, when you stop taking snapshots and start thinking in angles, exposures and apertures, you have learned to see a second time in a wonderful way. In my whole life I have always seen the world and all the places I have visited twice. I am very grateful for the privilege of being able to see through my camera for much of my life.

Beach near Mimizan

On our two Instagram accounts @manfredbaumann and @nellybaumann you can accompany us daily on our journey! In the next days we will visit Le Passage du Gois, as well as the unique locations around Guérande salt marshes.

Townhouse in Toard

Great bays, wide views, impressive rocks or deep waterfalls have always been the basis for a great photo. But how come that some photographers take gallery quality pictures of these landscape locations and others only take good looking snapshots? It would be too easy to assume that expensive equipment and Photoshop tricks make the difference. Because often it is a simple piece of compositional know-how or technical understanding, or learning how to see properly!

Fisherman's cottage near Saint-Palais-sur-Mer

In my next blog article I will explain some simple factors that can make the difference of various photographs. Because photography is the art, despite all the technology, of making good pictures.

so stay tuned... see you soon, your Manfred

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24 thoughts on "Bonjour France & the essence of a photo is to make you see!

    1. Wo soll ich beginnen…. Ich versuche mich in deine Sichtweise durch die Kameralinse zu vertiefen.. Zu verstehen oder besser gesagt zu fühlen warum genau dieses Foto mit dem Lichteinfall, und dessen Umgebung entstanden ist. Was bei all deinen wunderschönen Photos ist, die Leidenschaft dahinter gewisse Momente sei es bei Landschaftsfotografie oder Menschen sei es ein Star oder auch jemand wie ich ohne grosse “Berühmtheit” so festzuhalten das man spürt das Bild lebt… Es lebt auch noch im Foto der Moment als du das Foto gemacht hast.

      As an artist and designer I love all your impressive books. As a child I travelled to some of your locations that bring back wonderful memories. I have a special bond with Ireland and Ireland, for example, because my father died unexpectedly during our family holidays there. Pictures of this journey let me get sad of course but I spent these pictures with my dad in the first days wonderfully.

      I feel the photography. And I'm grateful for that.

      A wonderful journey on beiden🌼💞💓🙏💋 will take care of you. Ye ggglg ina

      1. Dear Ina, thank you for your kind words! I am looking forward to a personal meeting, until then all the love from France!

        1. I am also looking forward to meeting you soon... Today I am with my niece and nephew in the castle rosegg... ❤️ Best regards to you 💋 💓

    2. Dear Nelly
      Dear Manfred
      Thank you for the beautiful pictures - photography is a form of meditation for me - diving into landscapes - faces - emotions
      Impressive and good onward journey
      Aloha Susanne

  1. Magnifique ! Wünsche Euch beiden “Fotonomaden” noch viele schöne Momente und ebensolche Aufnahmen. Bon voyage

  2. I just came across your pages and I am really excited about them. Great work, you have a new fan!

I look forward to your news!

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