Unlike the others.

Photography is not about copying photographs or photographers. In the beginning you might get inspired by your role models to learn from books, magazines! However, it is primarily to develop your own visual language similar to painting or music... do you want to be a karaoke singer or sing your own songs?

My photographs are meant to capture what others may not even see. An important point in photography is of course the right way of seeing! Like everywhere else, there are those who can see and others who do not even look!

Mittersill 2019 by Manfred Baumann 1

Especially in a time when everything has become so much faster and everybody wants to reach everything immediately, it is even more important for me to practice patience, to go through the world with open ears and eyes, and to enjoy the moments and time, no matter where I am. It is also not about technical perfection, but about touching people with his photographs, and to manage to let them look at them for more than 1 second.

Kitzbuehel 2019 with Manfred Baumann 1

All the pictures shown in this blog entry are from Austria and were taken only recently. I would even say that they were taken by chance, as I have not been looking for beautiful photographs for a long time, but they find me. That's why I always have a camera with me, because you never know when the time comes. This is what I love about photography! Many of my pictures, which are shown in books or exhibitions, are moments I never expected!

Danube Park 2019 by Manfred Baumann

My works are records of my life for those who can really look. Moments that I would like to share.

Finally I give you 3 interesting tips:

  1. Always take only the best shot from a series!
  2. Do not let your style be influenced by comments and others!
  3. And... if you start to look like your passport photo, you should go on holiday! 😉

In June there will be an Artist Talk in Vienna, where I would be happy to chat with you about photography!

Your Manfred

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6 Thoughts on "Different from the Others"

  1. I find your opinions really soothing. You wouldn't believe that a person like you, who comes around the world knows people from all walks of life is so profound. Or probably just because of that. My respects, keep it up. Love, Theresa.

  2. I think it's just great of you, or rather of both of you, with how much empathy you approach your work and are an inspiration for us here.
    Lg. Brigitte

    1. Thank you very much, I am very happy that you are here! Our work is more a vocation 😜💐

I look forward to your news!

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